Asthma Related Presentations

These asthma-related training videos were created by and in consultation with members of Wisconsin’s AASA/NSBA Leadership Forum for Healthy Students and Healthy Schools team, which includes representation from the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the American Lung Association of Wisconsin.
  • Asthma - What you need to know and what you need to do!
    The PowerPoint is intended to give secretaries basic information regarding asthma. This presentation discusses what and who has asthma. It goes on to share the signs, triggers and treatment for asthma in the school setting.
  • Asthma 101: The Basics
    The program is designed for elementary and secondary school personnel and focuses on basic asthma education including signs, symptoms and management steps, as well as triggers found in the school environment.
  • Asthma and the Law
    This presentation includes a brief overview of asthma with definition, triggers, symptoms and intervention at school. The law regarding the use of inhaler for students with asthma in the school setting is also discussed.
  • Asthma in Schools
    WASDA Executive Director Miles Turner discusses asthma in schools.
  • Counting on You...Responding to Kids with Asthma
    The program is designed to help teachers and care givers understand the basics of asthma management. For example, participants learn what the disease is; ways to avoid asthma episodes; warning signs of a child in trouble and actions to take in an emergency.
  • Exercise and Asthma: Helping Students and Athletes to Stay Active
    The program is designed to help physical education teachers, recreational coaches and instructors, and any adult who supervises children engaging in physical activity understand and identify what the warning signs and symptoms of an asthma episode are, the necessary precautions, proper asthma management and to recognize the importance of good communication.
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