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Introducing Wisconsin’s Redefining Ready (RR!) Cohort!

This cohort was established to leverage the experience of Wisconsin districts/CESAs who are participating in the national AASA Redefining Ready! Cohort in order to facilitate and support interested colleagues across the state.  We will examine the Redefining Ready! indicators for College and Career Readiness and explore the possibility of designing and implementing a school district dashboard template that more fully conveys student readiness than does the current state report card. Join us in learning about how such a dashboard can be used to monitor student progress internally and to communicate comprehensive school progress with your stakeholders.  Also, learn from others how to validate the research and/or how this dashboard might be personalized to address unique aspects of a region or district.

Participation in the Wisconsin Redefining Ready Cohort will result in a number of key outcomes:

  • Understand the research behind each of the Redefining Ready indicators

  • Contribute to the creation a state template for a district dashboard that aligns with Redefining Ready indicators and will better demonstrate relevant student outcomes for readiness and future success

  • Understand best practices in data design to ensure high quality data and extract logic

  • Discover best practices to how to integrate the indicators in your E4E/ACP supports and services

  • Help to inform the implementation of new data measures on state report card as well as future legislation and rule making

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