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6/27/2018 » 6/29/2018
Quality Educators Convention

7/25/2018 » 7/27/2018
2018 WASDA Summer Legal Seminar

9/19/2018 » 9/21/2018
Fall Superintendents Conference

10/25/2018 » 10/26/2018
2018 WASSA Fall Workshop

2015 WASB~WASDA~WASBO State Education Conference Presentations

Funds 41 & 46: Tools to Manage Your Budget & State Equalization Aid

School districts have options to address long-term capital projects beyond simply borrowing the money. One of the options, "Fund 41" (Capital Expansion Fund) has been available for several years; and another, "Fund 46" (Long Term Capital Improvement Trust Fund) was created recently under 2013 Act 336. Each of these tools has its own set of requirements, processes and impacts on a district's budget and state equalization aid. Learn about the important factors a district should consider when weighing its options to implement long-term capital projects.

Speaker(s): Brittany Altendorf, West Bend; Carey Bradley, DPI; Erik Kass, Elmbrook; Ted Neitzke, West Bend

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Building a Mission-Driven Work Culture

Does your school district have a mission? How do you ensure people know it and, more importantly, demonstrate it in their actions? Participants will view an interactive PowerPoint and take part in activities to better understand a process of messaging your mission so it is understood and can be actionable. Learn a four-step process to make your mission take shape and influence your work environment. See examples of mission in action.

Speaker(s): James Huismann, Pewaukee; Brian Kammers, Pewaukee; JoAnn Sternke, Pewaukee

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Aligning the Community, the Board and the Strategic Plan

Too often the stakeholders of school districts operate in isolation. Community expectations are not explicitly known, the board infrequently monitors for progress toward goals, and the administration works on state-mandated programs. Learn about the methods that one school district used to create a culture of excellence by aligning community expectations, school board policies, and the school district strategic plan.

Speaker(s): Jim Dimock, Chippewa Falls; Bradford Saron, Chippewa Falls

Building Business Engagement with Your School

Find out how southern Wood County turned their challenges into opportunities by building collaborative partnerships between schools and businesses. The deep partnerships created through five subcommittees have led to more support, focus and collaboration between businesses and schools. The foundation of this community movement is based on respect, trust and building relationships. This session is interactive and will allow for the opportunity to share best practices by all present.

Speaker(s): Richard Breen, Incourage Community Foundation; Jay Capelle, Incourage Community Foundation; Kyle Cronan, Port Edwards; Brian Giese, Nekoosa; Rick Merdan, Incourage Community Foundation; Eric Siler, Wisconsin Rapids

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Value-Added: Overview & Uses for Educator Effectiveness & School Accountability Systems

Hear an overview of value-added measures, which are a common component under the "multiple measures" approaches that states and districts are taking toward school accountability and educator effectiveness systems. Following a brief, non-technical description of value-added and how it differs from other measures of student achievement, the session will turn to the uses of value-added as one measure of school and educator effectiveness, focusing on the appropriate uses of these measures as well as their limitations.

Speaker(s): Bradley Carl, Value Added Research Center UW Madison

A Look at School Board Unity

Review, discuss and apply ideas aimed at promoting respect for and unity among fellow school board members. These ideas were featured in the American School Board Journal in an article authored by the presenter entitled "Self Fulfilling Prophecy." During the session, participants will look at the relationship between what is expected and what is attained and how the two can influence student achievement.

Speaker(s): Brian Hermann, Stockbridge; David Moscinski, Stockbridge; Sarah Willett, Stockbridge

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Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker addresses the attendees

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