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6/27/2018 » 6/29/2018
Quality Educators Convention

7/25/2018 » 7/27/2018
2018 WASDA Summer Legal Seminar

9/19/2018 » 9/21/2018
Fall Superintendents Conference

10/25/2018 » 10/26/2018
2018 WASSA Fall Workshop

2016 Fall Superintendents Conference Video Presentations

Visit the Fall Conference Resource Page for handouts related to these presentation.

 The State of Wisconsin: Economy, Demography, State Finances, and Schools

The arena in which Wisconsin public schools operate is undergoing significant change. Declining enrollments, increased competition for students among K-12 districts and with private schools, near-stagnant school revenues, and a new "relationship" between teachers and administration are some of the challenges districts face. This talk will examine state finances, the upcoming state budget, and what public schools might expect to see in it. We will also look ahead to see what might be coming longer term. Some insights into expanded school choice and K-12's new "local control;" referenda. A look at some national comparisons will give a broader perspective to Wisconsin's situation.

Speaker: Dale Knapp, Research Director, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance


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Trends That Will Profoundly Impact our Future

We live in an age of paradox, controversy, complexity, and constant change. As leaders in education, we are, by nature, big-picture people. It's up to us to see things in context. Helping put things in perspective goes with the territory. That means we need to be in touch with the needs and promises of a 24/7/365 fast-changing world. Educator, futurist, author, speaker, strategist, and international counsel Gary Marx has devoted much of his life to helping us stay in touch. In his best-selling book, Twenty-One Trends for the 21st Century...Out of the Trenches and into the Future, he lays out an array of trends, from the flow of generations, technology, the economy, and jobs, to personalization and the urgency of releasing ingenuity. "It's important to align our curriculum and instruction with our learning goals." Marx observes. "It's also important to align our learning goals with individual student needs and massive forces that are shaping our world...the one those students will inherit."

Speaker: Gary Marx


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Meet the Parents: How Public Education-Focused Advocacy Groups are Having an Impact

Over the last two years, more and more public education‑focused advocacy groups have been started by parents and grandparents in communities across Wisconsin.  Many of the community members who comprise these groups have not been involved in advocacy in the past. However, these groups are having a profound impact on the political process in our state and will be even more important in the next state budget cycle.

Meet the founding members of some of the most active parent groups in the state during this panel conversation.  Learn about how these groups were founded, what advice they would give others thinking of starting their own advocacy group and what they have in store for the upcoming legislative session.

Speakers: Joe Donovan, President, The Donovan Group, LLC; Sandy Whisler, Citizen Advocates for Public Education (CAPE), Lake Mills; Dennis McBride, SOS Wauwatosa; &  Marcia Engen, Fox Cities Advocates for Public Education

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Redefining Ready: College and Career Readiness for Life Beyond High School

Redefining Ready! is a national campaign launched by AASA   The School Superintendents Association, to introduce a new multi metric, research based approach to determining what it means to be college ready, career ready, and life ready.  This campaign is designed to change the national narrative regarding public education from a one standardized test judges all (students, teachers, parents, and communities) philosophy to a focus on readiness for our nation's 50 million plus public school students by focusing on the three main areas of importance to students, parents, teachers, and employers: college readiness, career readiness, and life readiness.  Since the implementation of No Child Left Behind, educators have looked to meet the needs of a diverse student body with a narrow focus on assessment results.  Now with the Every Student Succeeds Act the law of the land, Redefining Ready! offers educators an opportunity to diversify the manner in which we measure student success overall.

Speaker: Dave Schuler, AASA Past President

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Using Future Search to Engage your Community

We know the importance of a meaningful relationship between a school district and the communities it servesCthe vision and values of how students are educated need to be clear and aligned.  What is your strategy for engaging the public in a meaningful way?  This session will introduce you to how three very different Districts engaged their community in a thoughtful and deliberate process.  Using a methodology called "Future Search," each of these District's brought their "whole system" together (represented by over 100 citizens), over three days, to produce common ground, a shared vision, and specific outcomes that helped to shape the District's priorities for the next decade.

Speakers: Drew Howick, Patina Solutions; Bryan Davis, Shorewood; Glenn Schlender, Luxemburg-Casco;  Heidi Taylor-Eliopoulos, Chippewa Falls; and Brad Saron, Sun Prairie (formerly of Chippewa Falls)

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Allies and Alliances for Advocacy

Advancing the effectiveness of schools on behalf of students is not a task current education professionals can accomplish alone.  Community support of schools is critical to their success and building a meaningful relationship with the community is an important responsibility of the Superintendent.  Fortunately, there are important allies and alliances in this effort.  A panel of leaders in relationship building between schools and the greater community will offer perspectives on community-based allies for schools. 

Speakers: John Forester, Executive Director, WSAA; Heather DuBois Bourenane,  Executive Director, Wisconsin Public Education Network; & Diane Wilcenski, Executive Director, Wisconsin Retired Educators Association

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