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Wisconsin Rural Schools Association Workshop Presentations

2013 Fall Workshop

Life After Vouchers: Expansion, Accountability & Outcome--Impact for Rural Schools - This presentation will focus on the recent statewide expansion of school vouchers and future impact on rural schools. The presentation will identify important issues to consider in policy conversations regarding school voucher expansion and will summarize Dr. Carlson’s previous research on those issues. In particular, Dr. Carlson will present his research on the characteristics of individuals who participate in Milwaukee's school voucher program and the stability of their participation. He will also address issues related to the student achievement of voucher recipients as well as the role of accountability in a school voucher program.

  • Jeff Pertl, DPI Policy Analyst
  • Deven Carlson, Asst. Professor of Political Science at the University of Oklahoma 

Understanding the Skills Gap, and What You Can Do for Your Students - How can we have a Skills Gap when there is record unemployment? What has changed so dramatically, and what lies ahead? What can we do to position our students for rewarding careers? We will answer these questions and provide ideas for the way forward.  Employers struggle to find qualified candidates now, and future demographics will exacerbate this problem. Will there be enough talented and technically educated individuals available for these high paying jobs? We will discuss how the job market has changed and the role that education plays. Whether it’s CNC Machinists, Precision Welders, or Engineers, these high paying Gold Collar Careers are right in our backyards, and they strengthen our communities and our schools. We all have a stake in this dilemma and it is up to us to do something about it!

  • Dan Conroy, VP Of HR & Talent Management, Nexen Group
  • Andy Hennes, Mgr of Staffing & Workforce Development, OEM Fabricators 

Power of Technology in Rural Schools - Prepare to be inspired to make our classrooms of today better places for our students’ futures. By focusing on critical components of Choice, Challenge, and Community, you will see how to transform the learning environment with simple steps towards progress. Whether a classroom teacher, technology integrationist, or school leader, this session will offer motivation and practical advice towards making learning more relevant, meaningful, and applicable for all students in rural schools.

  • Katie Morrow, Apple Distin-guished Educator and National Presenter, O’Neill, NE 

Attracting and Retaining Our high Performing Educators - This session focuses on attracting, developing and retaining peak performing educators and effectively developing all staff. Take home tips, tools, and solutions to: finding and leveraging time and resources; attracting, developing, and engaging high performing staff; and aligning and involving the entire community in pursuing a culture of educational excellence, particularly, in times of decreasing budgets and limited staff.

  • Helen Ryley, VP of Educational Services and Product Design, Benchmark One 

The Future of Rural Public Schools in Wisconsin

  • Kathleen Vinehout, Senate Education Committee Member
  • John Forester, Director of Government Relations, SAA
  • Dan Rossmiller, Director of Government Relations, WASB
  • Jerry Fiene, Executive Director, WiRSA