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Membership Types
Full Voting Member:
Any person who is legally qualified as a public school administrator, a CESA administrator or an administrator of a County Handicapped Children's Education Board and who serves as the chief administrator of either a public school district, a CESA Agency or a County Handicapped Children's Education Board in the state of Wisconsin, and who is responsible directly to a governing board, is eligible to become a full voting member of this association. Additional central public school office administrator designated by the district's chief school administrator may become a voting member providing he/she is qualified as a school administrator. Only those described above shall have the right to vote.

Sponsored Member:
An educator recommended for membership from a current Full Voting WASDA Member. The dues for this membership will be one-half of the current WASDA Full Voting Membership dues. A Sponsored Member will recieve all WASDA mailings and will be able to attend WASDA conferences at the member rate. A Sponsored Member will not be eligible to vote, hold office or be eligible for legal support.

WASSA Member:
Any person who is the assistant to the superintendent is eligible to become a WASSA (Wisconsin Association of School Superintendent Assistants) Member. The purpose of this organization is to share information and resources to support and enhance the role of the superintendent's assistant personally and professionally.

Associate Member:
Any person who is or has been employed as an educator by a university system is eligible to become an Associate Member. Any educator who is employed by a vendor that sells goods or services to local schools is not eligible to be an Associate Member. Associate Members will receive all WASDA mailings and will be able to attend WASDA conference’s at the member rate.
Business Partner Member:
Any business, vendor, corporation or private individual marketing a product or service to Wisconsin public school districts that is reasonably aligned with the mission of WASDA is eligible to become a WASDA Business Partner. Membership in this category does not constitute a WASDA endorsement of any goods or services. 
Honorary Life Member:
Upon retirement from active duty, voting members will become honorary members and will be eligible to attend all WASDA meetings and retain all of the rights and privileges associated therewith, with the exception of the right to vote and hold office.   
For more information regarding membership types please contact the WASDA office.