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School Leadership Center Rental Guidelines

July 2011



Any interest to view the facility must be made in advance with the WASDA office.  Regular business hours for rentals are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Rentals outside of regular business hours are subject to additional fees and must be requested at least 30 days in advance.  WASDA reserves the right to refuse the rental of the facility, should management determine that a given use will either compromise the security of the facilities or that the use is inconsistent with the mission and interests of the organization.  Rental fee is $500 per day, with additional charges for use of video conferencing and/or Mediasite Video Archive system.  To inquire about renting the WASDA School Leadership Center, please contact Jessica Schwedrsky in the WASDA office at (608) 242-1090.


Fifty percent of payment is required at the time the reservation is made.  Payment is accepted in cash, check, or money order, made payable to WASDA.  VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted.

The WASDA School Leadership Center may be scheduled no more than six (6) months prior to the scheduled date.

Holds are not permitted.

Reservations are made on the basis of availability and with the understanding that WASDA reserves the right to cancel with full refund, or make other arrangements.  Every effort will be made to notify user of the WASDA-initiated cancellation at the earliest possible date.

Refunds are based on fifty percent of payment.  Cancellations must be requested in writing and submitted to WASDA.  Refunds will be mailed to address on receipt 4–6 weeks following the date of cancellation or event date.

Any expenses, damages or cleaning charges as a result of the event will be billed directly to the renter.


WASDA retains the right to cancel an event at any point should the renter fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions contained in the agreement, acts of God, notice of violation by any government agency, special security issues, or other occurrences beyond its control.  In such instance, as much advance notification will be provided as possible and fees paid will be reimbursed.  All event cancellations on the part of the renter are non-refundable; however, WASDA will generously offer the renter an opportunity to apply its rental payment to another available date approved by WASDA.



Should a rental be agreed upon by renter and WASDA, WASDA will provide a contractual agreement outlining the conditions and specifications of the rental relationship.  WASDA will provide a signed copy of the contract to the renter after the event has been approved and the reservation fee has been paid.


The renter agrees to assume full financial liability and responsibility for any damage or loss of objects or property belonging to or managed by WASDA for any accident or injury incurred by the renter or renter’s contractors or renter’s guests during or as a result of such use.


All renters must hold liability insurance.  If requested, the renter must furnish a certificate of such insurance naming WASDA as additional insured and forward a copy of this document to WASDA no later than one week before the first day of the rental.



All renters are expected to follow the WASDA policies and guidelines.  WASDA staff will provide assistance in designing an event layout appropriate to the facility’s use.  Smoking is not allowed on site.

The Center will be set up in classroom style when the renter arrives.  If the renter changes the layout of the room, the renter must return the furniture to a classroom style set up before leaving the facility.

Meetings in the WASDA School Leadership Center may not exceed a maximum of 40 persons.

WASDA will provide one Facilities staff to monitor the event on behalf of WASDA.  Facilities staff and this expense will be billed to the renter.  The Facilities staff is not expected to provide labor assistance.

The WASDA office is not to be used for photocopying or telephone calls.


Pre-event meetings and walkthroughs may be required prior to the event to confirm condition of facilities before and after the rental.  The renter or event organizer may be required to attend the pre-event and post-event walkthrough conducted by WASDA.  Any damages to the site as a result of the renter’s event will be billed to the renter.  The renter will be informed of any outstanding damages within one (1) week after the event, and any outstanding payment for damages will be required within 30 days after the event.


All food or beverages brought into the WASDA School Leadership Center should be delivered directly to the WASDA School Leadership Center, not to the WASDA offices.  WASDA staff will not be responsible for accepting any deliveries for the renter’s event.  Caterers are to arrive, depart and pick up their equipment ONLY during the time scheduled to the Center.  WASDA rental fees do not include catering costs.

Renter is responsible for all set-up, service, and clean up for rental event.  The security and/or clean up deposit is determined by anticipated use and potential damage to the Center.  Set-up and clean-up must be completed within the rental reservation arranged with the Facilities staff.  WASDA staff is available for administrative and security purposes only and is not expected to carry, lift, arrange, prepare, serve, or clean-up equipment, food, or beverages.


Amplified music is allowed on the site. The renter is responsible for coordinating any equipment not available through WASDA.  If additional electrical services are requested, an electrical plan must be submitted prior to the event.  The renter assumes sole responsibility for any intellectual property rights and fees (including ASCAP fees) that might be required in any performance.


All decorations planned during rental events must be pre-approved by WASDA.  Free standing displays, signs, and table decorations are permitted.  Prior written approval is required before affixing items to any structure, inside or out. Advanced approval and an additional fee may be required for any advertising signage on WASDA grounds.


All attendees to the renter’s event must park in the lower parking lot at 4797 Hayes Road.  Vehicles are not allowed to park in the upper parking lot and may be towed.  WASDA is not responsible for the safety and security of any vehicles or the contents therein.


WASDA has a general inventory of audio visual equipment and services, which must be requested when the event reservation is confirmed.  WASDA equipment and amenities are on an as-available basis.  Additional fees apply.  Linens and catering are not provided by WASDA; however, WASDA can provide vendor contacts for your event needs.

If you have additional questions regarding the rental of the WASDA School Leadership Center, please contact Jessica Schwedrsky at 608/242-1090.

Please fill out the Contract for Rental of WASDA School Leadership Center to reserve the room.

Please click here for a printable version of the School Leadership Center Rental Guidelines.